Lifestyle Stewardship Campaign

Lifestyle Stewardship Campaign


More Than Enough

God’s Mission, Our Vision

“Their Contributions Were More Than Enough to Complete the Whole Project.” -Exodus 36:7 (New Living Translation)

“On behalf of the Lifestyle Stewardship Capital Campaign team and the entire First Baptist Church congregation, I welcome you to our web site. It is an exciting time on Highland Avenue because we have embarked upon a tremendous campaign to dramatically improve our current physical facility. Starting with a “View with a Vision”, we have strategically progressed to “Building God’s Community, One Disciple at a Time.”  This campaign has strengthened our faith and allowed God to direct us in making changes in our lives. We are proud of our accomplishments, but we continue to pray for each other, for willing hearts, for our church, success for the campaign, and for “More than Enough” to fulfill God’s Vision and our Mission.”

–Janet P. Wheeler, Servant Leader